Click the link below to Download the new album

1. Soaring
2. Forever
3. Buoy Up
4. Bongo Donut
5. Nights on Fire
6. Throw Forward
7. Come Together
8. Back N Forth
9. Weslike
10. Junkyard Blues
11. Feel Good
12. Hope Dies Last

THE SOUND FUSE combines the talents and musical exploratory spirit of John Lukenbaugh and Matt Aronson. The duo creates a diverse fusion resulting from their broad range of musical styles and influences. Their sound has a distinct and versatile character. Styles and influences include HIP-HOP, Reggae, Drum n’ Bass, Rock and Jazz and all sounds in between. Aronson and Lukenbaugh began writing and recording together in 2007, and have just recently released their first album via free download titled “Much Higher to Go.” They believe firmly in the power of music to affect positive change in the world and to bring to light the unity that exists therein. Collaborations with other musicians are also highly valued elements to their sound. Always audibly unpredictable, unafraid to experiment and explore, THE SOUND FUSE is sure to delight your soul and ears.


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