Eradicating Evil

Fighting evil head on is a difficult task, and sometimes we get hung up on this head on approach. Though it is a noble task and certainly the efforts behind it are not wasted, it has been said that this is not the most practical task in our times. The task in our times is to fight evil by smothering it with goodness. When in dark times light a candle. In a dark room a candle dispels much darkness, imagine billions of candles…The darkness will cease to exist. When it seems that the darkness has the upper hand shine forth your light with more intensity by increasing in deeds of goodness and kindness We may think very little about our deeds of kindness, we may feel the sense of accomplishing nothing but this is only our subjectivity and our human condition. Evil may make a lot of noise but in truth this noise always dissipates and fades away. Goodness on the other hand is eternal and it is accumulative, in fact it is only because of the good deeds of all previous generations that we are still here today. Darkness is hanging on only by very loose threads (the proof is that it is making so much noise because it knows very well it’s end is near, Like a wrestler who knows he is about to loose so he makes one last very desperate attempt to overthrow his opponent yet he knows this is for naught)..All we must do is shine. Think of one more positive thing to do each day and do it! The darkness will soon be transformed to light. Dawn is very close.

Some Ideas:

Sending a Nice Surprise:
Mail a card or letter, or send an e-card.
Give an unexpected present or send flowers.

Putting the Phone to GOOD Use:
Call an old friend, or call your children just to say hi.
Call to compliment someone on a job well done.

Kind and Thoughtful Speech:
Suppress an urge to gossip.
Thank someone for their efforts.
Look for and speak about the good qualities of others.

Devoting Time for Others:
Make a new friend.
Visit someone in a hospital or nursing home and cheer them up.

The Joy of Giving:
Donate your magazines to a nursing home.
Give some charity every day (money and/or kind acts).*
Put money in an expired parking meter (besides your own!).

etc…etc.etc.etc. the list is infinite!


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